The following workshops are being organised to start in April and May 2018. If you are interested in any please feel free to complete the contact form and I will forward a more detailed summary of which each week entails as well as pricing.


Getting Started

This workshop would suit those people that have just purchased either an iPad or iPhone and need help understanding how to use their device. The course would run for 4 weeks.

Week 1. What do all those symbols mean?

Week 2. Understanding Apple ID and downloading Apps.

Week 3. Basic understanding of the Camera and Photos.

Week 4. How to stay connected basics.

Getting Started Workshop Dates


From Photo to Frame

This workshop would suit slightly more advanced individuals who want to get more out of the Camera and Photos facilities of their iPhone and iPad and would run for 3 weeks.

Week 1. Taking Photos and hidden features

Week 2. Managing and sharing photos

Week 3. Making your photo look great through editing

Week 4. Photography Apps

Photo to Frame Workshop Dates



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